Your Favorite Brands,
Your Rental Income.

Bluchip gives investors the opportunity to own a piece of premium commercial real estate—properties leased by the brands they know and trust.

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Introducing a Real Estate Investment Marketplace. All Online.

Bluchip provides access by curating high-quality properties leased to best-in-class national brands, all while fractionalizing them on a modern & robust tech platform.

Make Your Favorite Brands
Work for You.

Bluchip leverages an industry leading national track record to source & vet net-leased properties, combining the best of stocks, bonds and real estate.

Invest in the Most Familiar Real Estate After Your Home. In Minutes.

Our platform simplifies complexity and reduces traditional investing hurdles, minimizing the months-long process that requires expertise and experience.

We Purchase the

We review hundreds of properties regularly and only buy the top performing and best located real estate.

We Fractionalize
the Property

We leverage innovative technology allowing investors to buy shares of real estate online.

You Browse Inventory on our Marketplace

Learn and browse previous Bluchip quality properties, and reserve shares of upcoming offerings.

You Link Bank Account & Purchase Shares

Sign subscription documents & fund your investment. Collect monthly distributions & enjoy tax benefits.

Industry Leading Team with National Track Record.

  • The team behind Bluchip has decades of industry-leading experience selling Bluchip-quality properties across all 50 states.
  • The team has sold a Bluchip-quality property within a couple hours of every American.

$8.5+ Billion

Real Estate Sold


Properties Evaluated


Properties Sold

$50+ Billion

Real Estate Evaluated
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We Lower the Barrier to Entry.

Commercial real estate (CRE) is widely recognized for its stable long-term returns. CRE investing has traditionally been exclusive to high-net-worth and institutional investors. Bluchip changes all that, opening up premium CRE opportunities to everyday investors.

Coming Early 2023

In-N-Out Burger  

  1. Unique One-of-a-Kind Opportunity to Own a Piece of What Was Previously an Uninvestable Private Brand
  2. Rare 25 Year Lease
  3. Immediate Access to Highway 5 Freeway
  4. Brand New Construction

San Diego, CA

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Coming Soon

CVS Pharmacy

Coming Soon

Whole Foods | Rare 25 Year Absolute Net Ground Lease

2420 Coronado Ave
San Diego, CA 92154

Coming Soon

Offering Memorandum

McDonald's | Rare 25 Year Absolute Net Ground Lease

Great Irreplaceable Real Estate in one of San Diego County’s Most Recognized Real Estate Markets | Brand New 2021 Construction | Signalized Hard Corner Location & Immediate Access to Interstate-5 (144k+ VPD) | Densely Populated Area | Minutes from the US/Mexican Borde.

2420 Coronado Ave
San Diego, CA 92154

Coming Soon

We are on a mission to make investing in high-quality commercial real estate available to everyone.

A Multi-Purpose
Investment Product.

The Challenge with Stocks

Increasing volatility in the market has made returns more challenging.

The Challenge with Bonds

Struggling to provide the stability they historically have with rising rates and high inflation.

The Challenge with Other Alts

Art, Collectables, Short-Term Rentals, Wine, etc. are higher risk, unpredictable, volatile and provide inconsistent or no income.

A "Modern" Portfolio with Bluchip Built In.

Why Bluchip?

Combining access, expertise and affordability in a single platform, Bluchip takes the complexity out of commercial real estate investing, giving everyday people a new way to invest in their communities and build long-term wealth.

A Digital Platform Backed by Innovation and Expertise.

1. What is Bluchip?

Bluchip is a modern and robust technology platform featuring the highest quality commercial real estate properties and an investor-first focus that creates opportunities to build wealth.

2. How does Bluchip work?

Bluchip provides the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate leased to corporate tenants in a secure and seamless process. Investors can browse property offerings, review any property's due diligence reports and purchase shares completely electronically. Bluchip investors receive consistent distributions and tax benefits of direct ownership. 24/7 access to property information is provided to investors on their investor dashboard.

3. What is the Bluchip team's track record?

With decades of commercial real estate transaction experience, our team is intimately versed in sourcing, vetting, and negotiating commercial properties. The team behind Bluchip has sold commercial properties in all 50 states.

4. If I invest with Bluchip, do I own the actual property?

Yes, you have direct ownership in the entity that owns an individual underlying asset.

1. How do I get started investing with Bluchip?

Anyone can create a Bluchip account in minutes. Investors can then invest in any of our active offerings after completing the onboarding process and funding their accounts.

2. Who can invest?

Bluchip is currently only open to accredited investors. To qualify as an accredited investor, you must meet certain criteria as defined by the Securities and Exchange Commission under Rule 501 of Regulation D.

3. What is the minimum investment?

Minimum investments will vary by offering based on the total amount raised.

4. How do I link my bank account to Bluchip?

Bluchip uses industry leading third party technology to quickly and securely connect your bank account to the platform. Investors will be asked to link their bank account as they continue through the sign-up process. The third party may ask for your bank login credentials in order to link your bank account; none of these credentials are stored anywhere.

1. When can I earn rent/distributions?

Distributions are expected to be paid monthly based on the financial performance of the property. Distributions are not guaranteed.

2. What are the expected returns?

Bluchip properties have a targeted annualized cash yield of 3-4% plus tax benefits including depreciation.

3. What is the expected holding period for a Bluchip property? 

Bluchip properties are designed for a long-term buy and hold due to the length of the lease terms associated with the property's tenants. We anticipate a hold period of 10+ years for the majority of Bluchip properties.

4. What are the risks of investing in a Bluchip property?

All investments involve some degree of risk. Across the financial spectrum, corporate tenant real estate is considered a relatively low-risk investment. We offer conservative returns and potential tax benefits which are ideal for long-term passive investors. Historical performance is not an indicator of future performance. Property income during the lifespan of the lease is backed by the credit of the corporate tenant. In rare cases, when a tenant may default on their lease, rent payments may cease.

1. How are the offerings selected?

Commercial real estate investment mixes art with science, so we complement our AI tools with experience-based IQ. The team behind Bluchip has a multi-billion dollar track record with decades of experience selling properties across all 50 states. Properties are selected based on the following factors: brand stability, tenant credit/reputation, lease terms, market, demographic trends, foot traffic data, etc.

2. What is a Net or Triple Net lease?

The term “net lease” refers to a type of lease where the tenant pays rent “net” of most, if not all, property expenses. The most common net lease is a “triple-net lease” where the tenant pays rent to the landlord and maintains direct responsibility for the property expenses, namely (1) property taxes; (2) insurance; and (3) property maintenance.

3. What happens if a brand/tenant vacates?

While it is rare for a tenant to vacate the premises and default on the lease, it does occur. The tenant remains responsible for paying rent during the initial lease term and the guarantor on the lease is on the hook.

4. How does Bluchip manage their properties?

Bluchip partners with experienced Property Management companies to maintain day-to-day operational control of the asset. There is no management responsibility for the investor.

For too long, commercial real estate investing has offered a road to wealth that’s only open to a small fraction of those who want to invest.  

It's time for a change.
For too long, commercial real estate investing has offered a road to wealth that’s only open to a small fraction of those who want to invest. All offline.

It's time for a Change.