5 Reasons Why Bluchip’s Platform Is the Future of Real Estate Investing



September 5, 2022

Bluchip’s advanced, intuitive platform expertly curates CRE properties affiliated with national corporate tenants—the restaurants, banks, and drugstores that touch the lives of millions of Americans each day. Through Bluchip, everyday investors can now own a piece of high-quality CRE—properties leased by the brands they know and love most.

Read on to explore the 5 factors that make Bluchip’s platform so unique, and how we’re reshaping the future of CRE investing. 

  1. Everyone can be a landlord

For the most part, traditional CRE investing is reserved for qualified high-net-worth, and institutional investors—the select few who bring home 7- to 8-figure salaries. Investment minimums are often exceedingly high, shutting out the vast majority of Americans.

Fortunately, Bluchip opens the door for everyday investors. With low investment minimums for properties typically valued at $3 million or more, Bluchip provides the same wealth-building opportunities afforded by traditional CRE investing. And because most leases last ten years or longer, Bluchip offers a clear avenue to generational wealth.

  1. An investor-first focus

Bluchip’s platform does not represent sellers. Instead, the team puts its own capital in—right alongside Bluchip’s investors—ensuring full integrity and transparency. Bluchip takes pride in its customer-first approach, complete with jargon-free language, an intuitive interface, and a library of educational materials. 

  1. Convenience

Bluchip investors enjoy all the consistent passive income of being a landlord—without the hassle that comes with acquiring and managing rental properties. Brand-name corporate tenants handle most responsibilities, such as maintenance, property taxes, insurance fees, and capital expenses. Behind the scenes, Bluchip takes care of management and administration.

  1. A team with an industry-leading track record

CRE investing combines the best of art and science: it’s both data- and expert-knowledge-driven. Similarly, Bluchip complements its advanced AI tools with our professional team’s experience-based IQ. Armed with decades of in-the-markets and boots-on-the-ground knowledge, Bluchip’s team has sold $8.5 billion’s worth of properties across all 50 states and managed over half a billion dollars in real estate.

  1. Strict regulation and security

Bluchip abides by strict internal and external compliance standards. Bluchip and its partners are:

  • Regulated by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
  • Vetted by several compliance partners, including registered broker-dealers, transfer agents, escrow agents, custodians

Internally, Bluchip safeguards sensitive investor information with advanced data encryption, two-factor user authentication, and SOC 2 compliance. Additionally, all distributions are held securely in custodian accounts until they’re paid out or repurposed as additional investments. 

A revolutionary CRE investment platform for all

With Bluchip, everyday investors can finally gain access to a highly rewarding and stable asset class. As fractional owners of top-quality commercial real estate, investors are positioned to reap ongoing benefits while building long-term generational wealth. 

The future is based on greater equity across all areas and all people. To that end, Bluchip is breaking down investment barriers and opening up new opportunities. By investing in the brands and local communities you love, you can be a part of the movement.