How Bluchip Works: Access to Quality CRE with the Brands and Communities You Know



September 5, 2022

Barriers to entry such as high minimum investment criteria and accreditation requirements have historically prevented everyone but those with the deepest pockets and years of industry experience from investing in CRE. With the potential for significant benefits, the world of commercial real estate is overdue for a transformation—one that makes investment in these valuable assets more accessible to a larger portion of investors.

Bluchip is revolutionizing the CRE investor landscape by making ownership possible for those looking to build generational wealth—not just those in the top 1%. Combining the stability and long-term rewards of stocks and bonds with the best of CRE, Bluchip provides an accessible CRE experience powered by our data-driven platform and investor-focused approach.

Discover how Bluchip is disrupting the commercial real estate industry—pre-vetting high-quality properties, lowering the investment threshold, and creating a more streamlined approach to CRE investing.

Anyone can be a landlord

While many people would like to invest in commercial real estate, only those with the highest net worths usually can. CRE is expensive, typically ranging from seven to eight figures. Added to this obstacle: only investors with an accreditation or access to real estate advisors (such as brokers) are permitted to invest, shutting out the majority of investors. Bluchip’s platform for CRE investing eliminates these traditional obstacles for investors from all walks of life.

Bluchip purchases properties pre-leased by national corporate tenants—think Starbucks or Chick-fil-A—then adds them to our digital marketplace where Bluchip users can browse and select properties to invest in. Bluchip enables investors to align with brands that they love and support the local communities they know best.

And instead of requiring an investor to shoulder a large portion of the real estate’s cost,  Bluchip slices ownership into accessibly-priced shares—each costing a small fraction of the property’s price. Rather than ante up hundreds of thousands or even several million dollars, Bluchip investors can purchase fractional ownership for more accessible minimums—in essence becoming a partial landlord—and receive dividends (i.e., rent) from the corporate tenant, as well as the tax advantages.

The share prices on the Bluchip platform are all-inclusive. Because Bluchip properties are net-leased, most property expenses, including maintenance and taxes, are the obligation of the tenant. Put simply, Bluchip boils CRE investing down to the essentials: buy, hold, and receive rental income from tenants like 7-Eleven or CVS—large, reliable corporate brands—for the length of the lease.

Key data meets expert hands-on knowledge

Not all commercial real estate qualifies as a Bluchip property. In fact, not every corporation’s store location meets our rigorous standards—even for popular brands. With Bluchip, investors can browse the digital marketplace of properties leased to the top brands in the most desirable locations—all curated using advanced data science.

By automating the process of vetting premier properties, Bluchip’s digital platform cuts out the time commitment and expertise required for CRE investors. Our technology identifies properties with the most potential by filtering based on variables like the location’s geospatial intelligence and consumer behaviors.

Once the AI-assessment and filtering phase is complete, the Bluchip team provides one last check before listing a property. With a track record that spans all 50 states and billions of dollars in sold properties, our CRE experts bring their decades of experience to give the Bluchip stamp of approval to our data-driven selections. From geographic metrics to brand potential, our assessment process considers a wide array of quantifiable and non-quantifiable variables so investors can make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

CRE investing that looks out for investors

Bluchip’s platform is designed to support investors. Even for industry experts, CRE investing is time-consuming and involves detailed research, analysis, and compliance. Bluchip’s digital platform whittles down the time commitment and expertise required so investors can make informed decisions quickly.

And unlike REITs, Bluchip enables investors to self-direct their investments—choosing brands that resonate with them or locations that support their communities. And, as direct owners, Bluchip investors are also the tax beneficiaries of their properties—something you don't get with a REIT. 

Investors have unlimited access to the centralized Bluchip dashboard where they can view consolidated information about their properties, distribution rates, and tax forms. Holdings transparency and documentation cuts down on the manual tasks and logistical duties typically required with CRE investing. Combining the ease of eCommerce with fintech innovations, the Bluchip platform offers easy-to-understand graphics, scoring, and descriptions of each opportunity. When a property goes live, investors can view the consolidated metrics, search for similar properties, then invest with the click of a button. As new properties join the platform, investors will see previews of what is to come so they can register their interest early.

Through visibility and education, our aim is to facilitate and democratize the CRE investing experience. Like all CRE, Bluchip properties are designed to be long-term holds. To help investors make more informed selections, Bluchip offers a library of educational content. Whether you are a beginner investor or seasoned pro, Bluchip opens the door to increasing your knowledge and meaningful opportunities. 

The world of CRE investments is ready to evolve

As investors seek ways to diversify their portfolios; as they look to earn steady returns and counter higher-risk holdings; as they seek the means to grow generational wealth, they need one platform that achieves all three. For too long, CRE investing has offered a road to wealth that’s only open to a small fraction of those who want to invest. 

It’s time for a change. Bluchip is here to bring the commercial real estate market into a new era, using a fintech approach and investor focus. Ready to join our CRE revolution?